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Our Story

Preserving a Better Tomorrow

Huckabee Farm

Ice-skating on Huckabee's farm pond was an Amherst tradition for many years, and Margery Huckabee wanted to preserve her family's land for future generations to enjoy. With the help of the Amherst Land Trust, she was able to obtain the funds she needed to secure her situation while protecting most of the land.

Bragdon's Hill

This landmark property on Route 101 is a favorite for families from around the region.

Lindabury Orchard 

A prime parcel with a lovely view, this piece provides permanent open space in the northwest corner of town. The Friends of the Orchard maintain the land and have established a tradition of community gathering and celebration centered on the orchard, a legacy of Amherst's rural heritage.

Wetland Wildlife Reserve (Post Road Lands) This property was gifted to the Land Trust.


Brine Forest

An unusual experiment in preservation, this donation is intended to become a "new" old-growth forest.

Trow Mill

This Mont Vernon property preserves a piece of the historical heritage of the Souhegan Valley.

Dinkel Easement

This lovely, wooded setting and its historic stonework is now preserved in perpetuity.


El Eden 

El Eden is a preserve in Mexico, home to 70% of the migratory birds we see in Southern New Hampshire. The Amherst Land Trust contributed to the purchase of 25,000 acres and established a permanent relationship between Souhegan High School, and the El Eden preserve.

Wah Lum Reserve, Mont Vernon

Joshua's Park

The Amherst Land Trust pinpointed an ideal site for a garden and playground and worked hand in hand with the Amherst Community Foundation to do so. It is a 3.9-acre plot on between Courthouse and Boston Post Roads. The park is just a few steps away from the center of Amherst Village. Its dry upland, to the east, has been farmed for many years and remains ideal for gardening as seen in the Community Garden. The land to the west abuts woodland, making it a cozy community based playground and garden environment! 


Cost of Services Study

There has been a great deal of discussion of the economic impact of development. Using land preservation to help control the negative effects of growth is a logical extension of the Amherst Land Trust's mission. But growth is not a simple, linear function, and its impacts are not simple, either. In 2003, the Land Trust commissioned an in-depth Cost of Services Study which will enable a better  understanding of the relative costs and benefits of various types of development in Amherst.

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